Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thank You's....

It seems like the more we have going on, the less we say thank you to a friend, to a co-worker, to God, etc... Yesterday was Valentines Day and I have the best Valentines ever, a card, movie, and flowers was more than I ever expected and made me feel special! One of my fellow co-workers at Carrabba's stayed up most of the night on the 13th to make personalized treat bags for EVERY employee at Carrabba's...she filled them with glow in the dark bracelets and a few fun candy treats. So today, I searched online for some cute printable thank you cards! The least I can do... I stumbled upon this website. Even prints and envelope! The least I can do. At night when Savannah and I pray, I always ask her what she is thankful for, one day her teacher, her mom and dad, even a doll once in a while, but it is always good to remember the little things in life that we are thankful for. That all nighter that a co worker pulled to make her fellow co workers feel special, picking up something that someone dropped, holding a door open... always the little things that make people feel special and appreciated! Not the big things! So to sum up! I am greatful and thankful for all that is around me. The best gift yesterday was a kiss from my husband when I got home from a very long work day at both jobs and kissing our sweet princess good night. Those 2 things are the greatest gift of all!

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