Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It is a fun social media to view what is going on with friends and family and to see pictures.... letely I have been using it for a whole lot more... I have joined various Design sites such as IIDA and ASID... I have also joined the Krazy Coupon lady, family sites, parenting sites, etc. All of these sites put so much useful information right at your fingertips! I mean who wouldnt want bandaids for free :) .... I also use facebook a lot to post pictures of my family and different events so that our family and friends are able to see what is going on with our amazing daughter as she grows up. I have no idea why I decided to chat about this subject... but it was on my mind, so it just seemed right!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Convinced my hubby to take me to Hawaii and the Mrs won :) We just got back from Oahu, Hawaii after being there for a week and it was beyond amazing. Plus it was some nice quality adult time! We hiked, we shopped, we went to Pearl Harbor, we snorkeled and hung out on the beach! and the fireworks in our face on the 4th... INCREDIBLE. I wish there was a way to afford this every year! However, I did miss Savannah like crazy and was happy to get home and cuddle with my chicarita!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I often thought that family was your siblings, parents, grandparents, etc when I was growing up... the older I get the more I learn that family is the amazing people that are a part of your life. We are blessed to have amazing parents, siblings, relatives, but we are also blessed to have amazing friends. This weekend we had a few BBQ's and it just showed me that it truly is the little things in life such as hanging out at the poolme (sorry that is what Savannah calls the pool, so it is now part of our vocab), sitting on my back porch with friends while the kids run around the yard, and the hubbies throw around a football. All of the laughs, hugs, support... truly amazing and touches my heart each and every time... To all of our amazing friends out there, thank you for being you and being so special to us!

Ok so now onto some fun.... Here is a picture of Savannah at the Estrella Starpoint opening weekend bash...

How stinking cute is her bathing suit! Always such a trend setter! Love my family and friends and life in general! Very blessed!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We will miss you.....

My uncle has always been one of my biggest role models... I never knew my grandfather as he had passed prior to me being born... so my Uncle Tom played 2 roles in my life as an uncle and as an extremely young grandfather! He was always someone I could rely on and always someone who loved food as much as i did! My uncle allowed me privledges such as flying first class when I came to Arizona a few times with grandma... something I would never had experienced without him. I also would not have learned love, respect, and honor. Even on some of his sickest days, he always put on a smile and said "I am doing good". I love that he loved me and my family like we were his kids! It puts a smile on my face when my daugher prays at night for uncle Tom, and now it is Uncle Tom in the stars or sky (varies per day :) )Uncle Tom left a huge memory and impression that will live on for the rest of my life! Words can not describe how lost we will all be without him. He always kept us on track! Love you Uncle Tom, thank you for being such an amazing role model in my life!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life Journey's

How do you decide when it is time to leave something you love and move on to something new? It is such a hard decision especially when it may affect a few people around you... how do you leave something that is so familiar and people that are as well. My mind struggles with this thought, but is something new better in the long run? So many decisions and so little time! LOL! On a different note, we went from winter to summer here in Arizona! and I LOVE it! I can not wait to go to the pool all weekend long (when I am not working) and hang out with Savannah and Spencer! and of course all of my lovely friends and their families!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I think that is the most appropriate word that fits our life at the present time. I am working 2 jobs and Spencer is taking on all of my household roles :) ... it is pretty cute! I am missing time with my chica. She is so amazing. She is starting to learn how to ride her bike with Nana. I think that it is so cute! She is always wanting to get into something just to learn more about it. Just like her momma! She is sweet. She is going to be a good momma one day!Which that thought is hard to believe. My 2 year old as a mom... YIKES! Every day is another day that makes me feel more and more blessed and loved! I am so lucky for the family I have.

on another note... It is almost March... my favorite time of the year... spring training games - GO WHITE SOX! and St. Patrick's Day! oh and lets not forget Savannah's birthday. I did get Irish baby after all. It is going to be a busy month, but it will be a fun one!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A new path....

I have made resolutions to make my life and my families better! So I am now a night time bartender again. It is a lot of fun. I am hoping that I will make lots of cashola :) Savannah is changing so much everyday! She makes my world go round. She is so smart. She can identify families.... You say colby and she says trisha, avrie and tade! So cute! She is able to walk the low beam, do summersaults, and most of the stuff at Little Gym! Such a monkey. I am so grateful for my amazing family! I have to talk about them! We also just celebrated Spencer's big 30th! Thanks to all of our friends and family for always supporting us!

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year, New Reddins!

So this year is all about goals at home, just like at work! Our biggest goals this year are to get rid of the paci's, potty train Savannah, get out of debt, and work on family time! So new years weekend was "cold turkey" weekend at our home. We took the paci's away and put Savannah in panties all weekend. We still have a hard time at bedtime, but she doesn's ask for them. She wears pull ups to bed and other than that, she is doing fabulous with her panties... she says she wears panties, mom wears underwear, and dad wears shorts! Gotta love 2 year olds! The debt part... I got a 2nd job bartending at a local restaurant. It is right next to the Coyote and Cardinals stadiums... so I am hoping it is good money. Now for family time... that is the last one we need to iron out details on.... It will come. Last year my big thing was finding friends out on the west side. I was beyond fortunate to come across an amazing group of ladies who make everyday amazing. It is so nice to have people to relate to... so this year is off to a great start and hopefully in less than a year, we will be on to bigger and better things!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The holidays

We had an amazing time at Legoland with Nate and Dominic Skinner. Check out my facebook page for additional pictures
Savannah and I hiked the White Tanks with our friends Megan, Tanner, and Cameron. Fabulous day for a hike!

The holidays are over... :( but on to a new year! and new adventures.... We had an amazing holiday with friends and family and are so grateful for all that we have... We took the holiday break to break our precious Savannah of her paci and her pull ups (well we still put them on her at night). So far we are off to a good start, however the hour it takes her to go to bed now, I almost want to give in with her paci! My baby girl is growing up so fast. Hard to believe that she will be 3 in 3 months! Yikes.... A new year also means new decisions... I have had some interesting oppurtunities arise and I am pondering different things that may be better for my family... We shall see what happens... Not sure the direction I want to take. It is one of those things that I may be dammed if I do and dammed if I dont... Hope that everyone had an amazing holiday!