Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wierd Girl Thing

I have always wanted to have an amazing relationship with my kids. I want to be the parent, but also be their best friend. I totally think that will be Savannah and I. We have some wierd things that the 2 of us girlies do that make us both happy. When I buckle her in her car seat, we both blow kisses and say love you... When she goes to bed, we both pray together..... When we eat and something is good, we both lift our shoulders, grin, and go Mmmmm.... and of course the list goes on, but she is definently my daughter and I love her to pieces.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The million faces of Savannah

It cracks me up that my daughter has such a personality! You can totally tell when she is happy and when she is sad, mad, grumpy, tired... and so on. So I just recieved a text message from one of her teachers at school and she has the meanest face! Made me laugh out loud. I am sitting here going, that girl was busy coloring and the teacher made her look! Ha.... Hopefully she is in a good mood and not a mad/crabby when I go and get her in a half hour! I have been missin her today!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Love, Love, Love these stinky piggies! They are so little and so cute! Yes, I am sitting at work missing my girly! She is growing up so fast. There are many days I want to be at home with her hanging out and laughing. That laugh is intoxicating. Lately she has been a chatter box and asks "whats this momma" "whats that momma" ... it is so amazing and she is just such a big sponge wanting to know everything and anything! It amazes me at how smart she truly is.

Friday, June 11, 2010


This morning we sang ABC's probably 25 times on our way to school/work! It is so fun and exciting to hear that chica of mine going "A...B...C...D" I love it! That girl always knows how to make me laugh!

I am very excited for this weekend... I am going to have a ladies night tomorrow night. We plan on spending most of the day at the pool prior, which means cleaning and cooking food are the scope of my Friday night! Then Sunday we have a birthday party for one of Savannah's friends from gym at the pool then shopping with my momma for my birthday! Should be a very fun adn relaxing weekend! Plus I finished my book yesterday which means Dear John here I come! Gotta read that before I watch the movie, which I already purchased. Figured that that might kick my butt in gear. But with summer here, and lots of time at the pool, I think I will be able to get in a lot more reading!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Night time fun

So we were woken up at 1am to a crying 2 year old. Went in her room and found her diaper on the floor, her in her bed, and a wet bed! Lovely.... The personality and the thought process of a 2 year old. Gotta love it! She was happy this morning tho, so it made it all worth it!

Friday, June 4, 2010


So I hate my birthday... every year I feel like I am put behind everyone else. The people that I expect to go above and beyond who I go above and beyond, I feel should do something special for me... instead I dont get a happy birthday wake up call or a birthday cake. I get the take care of my kid, pick up the house, and water the flowers! Not that I dont like doing all of that, but it is just the thought. Bums me out when other people tell me the great little things that they do for their significant others to make their birthdays special and memorable. My birthday is a "just because" day that I wish wasnt called my birthday! It would be so much easier if it wasnt celebrated and it was just another day in paradise!

So enough of my blah, blah, blah.... I did have an incredible day at work yesterday! Cold Stone cupcakes! Delish! and today is Friday... so that means wahoo the weekend! I am going with a girlfriend Sunday to my fav hot spot, Dolce, for a massage and then we are going to Abuelos for lunch! Super delish! I am also taking Savannah to the pool in Estrella! I am excited to see how she reacts! Should be a fun weekend with my chicarita! love her. When I picked her up from school yesterday so goes "happy birthday mom" !!!! It was too cute!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Not only is it hump day, but it is my birthday week! But I am not too big on my birthday as I am only turning "21" again! Loved 20, but wasn't old enough to drink so 21 works! My chicarita has woken up at least once a night for the past few weeks. It is starting to wear me out! That smile makes up for it tho...

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend. It was a fun and relaxing weekend with my family! Saturday savannah had her showcase gymnastics class. My mom, dad, Jonathan, and mother in law all came out to see her rock the red mat!

Check out the "CHEESE"... gotta love balls and bubbles!!!!

So for Sunday Funday and Monday off... we got a blue plastic pool and we had a blast..... The ladies in their bikini's and sunglasses ready to hit the Reddin beach (or in our case, pavers!)