Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I think that is the most appropriate word that fits our life at the present time. I am working 2 jobs and Spencer is taking on all of my household roles :) ... it is pretty cute! I am missing time with my chica. She is so amazing. She is starting to learn how to ride her bike with Nana. I think that it is so cute! She is always wanting to get into something just to learn more about it. Just like her momma! She is sweet. She is going to be a good momma one day!Which that thought is hard to believe. My 2 year old as a mom... YIKES! Every day is another day that makes me feel more and more blessed and loved! I am so lucky for the family I have.

on another note... It is almost March... my favorite time of the year... spring training games - GO WHITE SOX! and St. Patrick's Day! oh and lets not forget Savannah's birthday. I did get Irish baby after all. It is going to be a busy month, but it will be a fun one!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A new path....

I have made resolutions to make my life and my families better! So I am now a night time bartender again. It is a lot of fun. I am hoping that I will make lots of cashola :) Savannah is changing so much everyday! She makes my world go round. She is so smart. She can identify families.... You say colby and she says trisha, avrie and tade! So cute! She is able to walk the low beam, do summersaults, and most of the stuff at Little Gym! Such a monkey. I am so grateful for my amazing family! I have to talk about them! We also just celebrated Spencer's big 30th! Thanks to all of our friends and family for always supporting us!