Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It is a fun social media to view what is going on with friends and family and to see pictures.... letely I have been using it for a whole lot more... I have joined various Design sites such as IIDA and ASID... I have also joined the Krazy Coupon lady, family sites, parenting sites, etc. All of these sites put so much useful information right at your fingertips! I mean who wouldnt want bandaids for free :) .... I also use facebook a lot to post pictures of my family and different events so that our family and friends are able to see what is going on with our amazing daughter as she grows up. I have no idea why I decided to chat about this subject... but it was on my mind, so it just seemed right!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Convinced my hubby to take me to Hawaii and the Mrs won :) We just got back from Oahu, Hawaii after being there for a week and it was beyond amazing. Plus it was some nice quality adult time! We hiked, we shopped, we went to Pearl Harbor, we snorkeled and hung out on the beach! and the fireworks in our face on the 4th... INCREDIBLE. I wish there was a way to afford this every year! However, I did miss Savannah like crazy and was happy to get home and cuddle with my chicarita!