Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ice Cream

I remember as a child loving the sounds of the ice cream truck as that song rang thru the summer air. Got all excited for a little bit of heaven. Now at the young age of 21 (a few times over) I LOVE ice cream, chocolate, anything sweet and divine, wine is one, anyways I still get that amazing feeling. Today I get to go to Savannah's school and scoop out sherbert and let the kids pick out sprinkles to put on top for their afternoon snack (It is Catholic Schools week). Her face lit up this morning, yes at 5:45 am, as I told her I would see her for snack and she said, "Mrs. Minten said you will be there after I wake up from my nap"... after a crazy week, that was what I needed to get me to work and thru a half day to get to my daughter and see her this afternoon! Being a working mom of 2 jobs, I am learning to cherish the time with my family and see the importance of "The Little Things"... she will not remember me cleaning and ignoring her, she will remmeber us praying and reading books at night, dancing in the kitchen and on the ottoman as dad shakes his head at us, roasting marshmellows in the fire pit after dinner. These are the moments I can not pass up! Love every last one of them!

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